Three Phase Static Stabilizers

Three-phase static stabilizers are regulators with high protection and regulation speed. Contact IMA for more information.


These three-phase static stabilizers are designed for the industry and are characterized by their high correction speed in the face of network variations, they have a large number of protections and this makes them very effective. We have a wide range of powers ranging from 3kVA to 3,200 kVA.


 Características Tecnicas:

Number of input connection phases 3 + 1 Phases
Continuous working time at full load 0 ... 105% Continuous <7/24
Input voltage range >0V - 450V<   Neutral Phase
Operating voltage supply range >65V - 290V<   Neutral Phase
Supply protection voltage range >45V - 300V<   Neutral Phase
Input Correction Range >90V - 290V<   Neutral Phase
Operating frequency >47V  a  63V<    50Hz
Correction speed = seconds / frequency Frequency = 50 = 20ms / Frequency = 60 = 16.66ms
Thristor change controlled Static Regulator
Temperature 0 > -40ºC < +55ºC
RH <96% Condensed
Working height <3.000m 3Km
Protection class IP 21
LCD Display
Input voltage, output voltage, output load percentage, regulator status and error information, overload warning, overheat warning, input fault warning, output fault warning. 4 x 20 - 1pcs
Software version, software date, step number, module number, warranty number, fault tracking, error counting, cause of error, total hours of work. Selecting with the Menu button
Set all parameters With the menu button
Minimum perfect working time 61320 hours
Error tracking number with circular discretion 65535 pieces
Error monitoring time by circular observation 7 years
Memory errors EEPROM 1024 bits


All types of charges Yes
Overload allowed <400% 10 ms
Overload allowed <200% 1000 ms
Overload allowed <150% 60 seconds (1 minute)
Overload allowed <125% 180 seconds (3 minutes)
Continuous charging <105% <7/24
Input current Amper Max. Kva / minimum input voltage - 10KVA / 165V = 60,6 Amp.
Crest factor 5:1
Number of static steps 3x3=6 Thyristor (9 steps)
Number of static stepss 4x4=8 Thyristor (16 steps)
Number of static steps 5x5=10 Thyristor (25 steps)
Number of static steps 6x6=12 Thyristor (36 steps)
Output Voltage Tolerance 1% - 10% Entry and exit according to need must be selected one of the tolerances (1% - 10%)
Output waveform Seno puro
Power factor (cos f) 0,8
Pick up time 6 seconds - Menú 0 - 300 sec.
Performance under load 96%
Current protection Fuse protection at input or output, with electronic overcurrent protection by microprocessor (3 pieces)
Low voltage protection Output voltage - 10% / 220V - 10% = 198V
High voltage protection Output voltage - 10% / 220V - 10% = 242V
Acoustic noise (1m distance) <-55 db
Refrigeration system Intelligent fan system +55 oC (Available)
V-Load pole changer with switch Available
Bypass automatic Available
Output and input connection With appropriate terminal in the housing

Estabilizadores estáticos Trifásicos en IMA.



Three-phase static stabilizers from IMA are suitable for a broad group of industrial processes. They have a four-line LCD screen where you can view information of all electrical parameters individually for each phase.

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