Neodymium Segments

Neodymium segments or neodymium brushless motor shingles are a type of permanent magnet that offers a large amount of magnetic force. This type of magnet makes it possible to reduce the costs of conventional motors and to control electronic equipment.

Due to the high coercivity and high remanence that neodymium segments give us, we can create new designs with a large magnetic field where space is limited or where a high magnetic field is needed.


Neodymium segments or also known as neodymium arc magnets are mainly used for DC motors. On the other hand, neodymium segments can be found not only in the automotive sector but also in the renewable energy sector, in the recycling sector and in the food sector.

Neodymium tiles are often used for different types of motors, but the best known is the automotive sector. The arc-shaped neodymium segment can be north and south polarised. Depending on the N-rating or the grade the neodymium segment has, it will be stronger or weaker.


Neodymium segments have a curved shape, these are intended for the automotive sector, being a neodymium magnet they are very easily damaged so it is used with a nickel coating.


Neodymium segments must withstand high working temperatures as they work with elements that produce a lot of heat and high operating temperatures. Neodymium tiles have a resistance of 80ºC to work with them.

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