Three Phase-Single Phase Transformers

Three phase-single phase transformers are a type of transformer that work with three-phase power but their use is single-phase.

Three-phase single-phase transformers as the name implies is a three-phase power transformer and its use is single-phase.

The primary and secondary circuits are physically separated, so they are isolation transformers. The connection system used is W in.


Technical characteristics:

Model Three Phase-Single Phase Transformers IP-00 Three Phase-Single Phase Transformers IP-23
Tipo Circuit Separator Transformer
Thermal class F (140ºC) / Ta=40ºC
Winding Windings impregnated with varnish Class HC 200ºC
Connection group W inv
Frequencies 50 - 60Hz
Test voltage 4.5KV between windings - 2.5KV against ground
Rules <25kVA: EN-61558 / >25kVA: EN-60076 - EN-60726 - Directiva 2006/95CEE
Others Protection against electric shocks Class I. VV Inv connection, manages to rebalance single-phase power loads on a network III in 25/50/25%.
Degree of protection IP-00 según UNE20324-EN60529 IP-23 epoxy painted metal envelope (RAL 7032), polyamide cable glands according to UNE20324-EN60529


There are two types of three-phase single-phase transformers: IP-00 and IP-23.

1-Three Phase-Single Phase Transformers IP-00

Transformadores tri-monofasicos IP00


2-Three Phase-Single Phase Transformers IP-23

Transformadores tri-monofasicos IP23


Three-phase single-phase transformers are used to connect single-phase loads to a three-phase network and achieve a certain phase-to-phase balance (25% - 50% - 25%).


Three-phase single-phase transformers are manufactured according to IEC 96-2, IEC-742, EN-60742 and the indicated data can be modified as needed, without prior notice.

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