IMA offers a wide range of AC/DC rectifiers adapted to each installation and need.

AC/DC Rectifiers

Single Phase Rectifier

AC/DC Rectifiers

Three-Phase Rectifier


The rectifiers are designed to transform the network voltage to the value we need in direct current. The rectifiers provide us with galvanic isolation as the primary and secondary circuits are separated. AD/DC rectifiers manufactured by IMA are designed with their own technology.

In standard mode, these are controlled by microprocessors and their regulation is by thyristors. Depending on the application, different types of rectification, half wave, full wave, exaphase, etc. Intensity and voltage control at will, being able to set maximums or minimums, as well as ramps. Control on the equipment itself or remotely, as needed. Polarity inversion optional.

Technical characteristics

Supply voltage 3 X 230 / 3 x 400
Operating voltage0 - 200 vDC
Max. Intensity10.000 A
Working frequency50 - 60 Hz
Curly (various options)1% / 4% / 18%
Voltage and intensity regulation>Si
Voltage variation per load<1%
Configurable boot rampYes
External controlOP
Analog and digital signalsYes
Intensity ProtectionYes
Temperature protectionYes
Digital display voltsYes
Digital display ampsYes
Digital display amps / hourOP


The rectifiers have a very wide field of application such as:

Water depuration
Aeronautical facilities
Galvanizing Facilities
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