Magnetic filters are suitable for the separation of small iron particles. Therefore, they are specially adapted for the plastic and food industries.

As for the magnetic grids, they are used for the purification of any particle contained in dusty or granulated products, either in dry or wet. Therefore, they are specially designed and adapted for the food industry, ceramics, etc...

The grids and semi-suction filters are used in any production process where contamination by metal particles is abundant or simply a continuous cleaning is necessary.


We manufacture three automatic magnetic filters: continuous fast cleaning filters and separators with rotary and linear magnetic bars.

  • Continuous flow-through magnetic separation system:The magnetic system of automatic and continuous cleaning is driven by pneumatic pistons that displace a stainless steel sleeves on the magnets linearly. These sleeves drag the iron particles to the side outlets (A and B) where ferric contamination is released by the absence of magnets. This process is repeated automatically without the need to stop production and without any intervention of the operator. The cleaning cycles of the filter are programmed with the pneumatic valve that is incorporated in the machine.

  • Magnetic separator with rotating magnetic bars: The separator helps the flow of the product because the magnetic bars rotate and thus push the product towards the outlet. The magnetic bars are wrapped in tubes These tubes are removed out of the separator by means of a pneumatic operation and the ferrous contaminating particles fall freely in a tank outside the separator, without the need for manual cleaning by users.

  • •Linear separator with magnetic bars: they are suitable for the separation of small particles of iron where the particles to be separated are mixed with the product. Therefore, they are specially adapted for the plastic and food industries.

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