Interior thread Pot Magnets

The neodymium bases with internal threading have a clamping system, allowing you to manipulate and work with greater flexibility and comfort.


Interior thread Pot Magnets has an axial magnetization. On the other hand, we sell them with a nickel coating to protect them from humidity.

Internally threaded neodymium magnetic bases are a type of accessory used in various industrial applications. These bases have a powerful neodymium magnet at their base that allows objects to be attached to metal surfaces safely and efficiently. In addition, they have an internal thread that allows the attachment of different types of supports or elements, such as cameras, sensors, and antennas, among others.

The magnetic strength of these neodymium bases is impressive, making them ideal for applications requiring high holding force. Interior thread Pot Magnets bases are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, construction, wind energy, and other industries.

Interior thread Pot Magnets can be used in various sectors due to their great attractive force, characteristic of neodymium magnets. It is important to keep in mind that these magnetic bases should be handled with caution due to their great attractive force. It is recommended that the people who use them are trained in their handling and the identification of possible risks.


Code A (mm) C (mm) H (mm) D (mm) M Weight (g) Strength (Kg)  Strength (N)
BASN01402 6 4.5 12 5 3 1.7 0.4 4
BASN01405 8 4.5 11.5 6 3 3 1 10
BASN01388 10 4.5 11.5 6 3 4 1.5 15
BASN01390 13 4.5 11.5 6 3 5 4 40
BASN01391 16 4.5 11.5 8 4 8 7 70
BASN01392 20 6 13 8 4 15.5 12 120
BASN01393 25 7 14 8 4 27 20 200
BASN01396 32 7 15.5 10 5 44 30 300
BASN01399 40 8 18 10 5 70 55 550
BASN01400 50 10 22 12 6 148 90 900

*The force is calculated on a 10 mm metal plate.


Upon request, they can be supplied in any other dimension. Consult with the commercial department. These magnetic bases are manufactured in different sizes and shapes to fit the specific needs of each application. Additionally, some models have a steel casing that provides additional protection to the neodymium magnet inside.

Maximum working temperature:

The standard working temperature of internally threaded neodymium magnetic bases is 80°C. For a higher working temperature, contact our sales department.

Internally threaded neodymium magnetic bases are also resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. In addition, they do not require special tools for installation, which makes them easy to use and adapt to different needs.

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