Samarium Blocks

Samarium magnets are made of samarium, cobalt and iron alloys. Samarium magnets have a high holding strength, as well as a high temperature resistance.

Samarium blocks are most often used in hospital equipment, as samarium oxide is used to absorb infrared light.


Samarium blocks are one of the strongest of the permanent magnets, second only to neodymium blocks. It is also a very fragile magnet, however, it can withstand high temperatures.


Standard sizes:

The standard sizes we work with are shown below. If other sizes are required, we can manufacture them in any other dimensions.

Size range A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
1 - 100 1 - 100 2 - 25


Samarium magnets in block form have a high resistance to corrosion, demagnetisation and oxidation. These characteristics of samarium magnets mean that samarium blocks do not require any coating.

Maximum working temperature:

The samarium block can withstand high temperatures such as 300ºC. If another temperature is needed, we can create it for a higher temperature. Because of this quality, these magnets are often used in electric motors and turbo sensors among other things.

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