To obtain the samarium magnet we must pass the raw material through a series of processes, modeling is the step that allows us to make the magnet in one way or another depending on the application that we are going to give the neodymium magnet.

Samarium magnets have a wide variety of uses and applications, so depending on what we are going to use them for, we can find samarium magnets with one shape or another:


Type of material

Rare earth



Work temperature

From 0ºC to 350ºC


Strong magnets
Stability at high temperatures
High coercivity

Samarium magnets have high coercivity and high remanence due to their material. Therefore it has a high resistance to demagnetization. Thanks to their magnetic properties, they are perfect for small spaces where a high magnetic field is required.

The samarium magnet has a maximum energy of 15 MGo to 32 MGo

These magnets have a high energy density and are highly resistant to demagnetization. In addition, since they are made with rare earths, they can be worked between a temperature range of -40ºC to 350ºC.

Samarium magnets, together with neodymium magnets, are part of the rare earth group and represent the new generation of magnetic materials. Our high-quality samarium magnets are the second strongest material after neodymium but with higher working temperatures and higher coercivity.

Samarium magnets cost more than neodymium magnets because the raw material for cobalt (a key component in its manufacture) is produced abroad. However, the neodymium magnet has a greater resistance to high temperatures, so depending on the place of application and the temperature that is required, we will use the samarium magnet since the neodymium magnet does not have such a high working temperature.

Within samarium magnets, we can find two types: SmCo5 with a maximum working temperature of 750ºC, while Sm2Co7 can resist temperatures up to 850ºC.

Below you can find a table that lists the most important qualities and characteristics of samarium magnets. In the table, you will find variables such as the remanence of the magnets, the coercive force, the working temperatures, and the minimum and maximum resistance.


GradoNomenclaturaRemanenciaFuerza CoercitividadCoercitividad IntrínsicaEnergía Máxima ProductoTemperatura de Trabajo
ImamagnetsGradeNomenclatureRemanence Coercive force Intrinsic coercive Maxium energy product Working temp
Samarium Magnets GradeNomenclatureBr bHc Fuerza Ihc (BH) maxTemperatura de Working temp
Samarium Magnets GradeNomenclatureBr max (T) Br min (T) HcB min (kA/m) HcB max (kA/m) HcJ min (kA/m) HcJ max (kA/m) BHmax min (kJ/m³) BHmax max (kJ/m³) Working temp
SmCo YXG-28H YXG-28H SmCo 207/1991,171,08 7568121990-207220350
SmCo YXG-30H YXG-30H SmCo 220/1991,08 1,10 788 835 1990-220240350
SmCo YXG-32H YXG-32H SmCo 230/1991,10 1,13 812860 1990-230255350
SmCo YXG-28 YXG-28 SmCo 207/1431,03 1,08 756812 1433-207220300
SmCo YXG-30 YXG-30 SmCo 220/1431,08 1,10788 835 1433-220240300
SmCo YXG-32 YXG-32 SmCo 230/1431,10 1,13 812 860 1433 -230255300
SmCo YXG-26M YXG-26M SmCo 191/96 1,021,05676 780 955 1433 191207300
SmCo YXG-28M YXG-28M SmCo 207/96 1,03 1,08 676 7969551433207220300
SmCo YXG-30M YXG-30M SmCo 220/96 1,08 1,10 676 835 955 1433220240 300
SmCo YXG-32M YXG-32M SmCo 230/96 1,10 1,13676 852 955 1433230255300


Samarium magnets are magnetic elements that are obtained thanks to the fusion of raw material, with great resistance to corrosion, oxidation and demagnetization. It is a material with very positive coercive values, a factor that favors resistance to demagnetization, together with its high resistance to high temperatures (up to 350ºC) make these magnets essential for certain applications. The samarium magnet is a material with a high hardness and should only be manipulated with tools that incorporate diamond, to cut or modify the magnet.


The scope of use of samarium magnets is very similar to that of Neodymium, obtaining a large number of applications. The ability to work at high temperatures and high energy values, provide different uses such as sensors inside furnaces, detectors in boilers, accessories in electric motors or simply for needs that require thermal stability. A totally suitable material and recommended for the industrial sector.

Electric Motors
Electric guitar pickups
Aplicativos de arte e design
Servo motors

Production process

To use permanent samarium magnets a series of precautions are necessary as they can cause injuries if they are not used correctly.

  1. The raw material is exposed to high temperature, to melt it and create the desired alloy.
  2. The alloy is poured into a mold and cooled until solid pieces are obtained.
  3. The pieces are then broken and molded into tiny particles.
  4. Finally, it is coated and magnetized by an external magnetic field to verify its quality.
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