Magnetic pickers for fork-lift trucks

The Magnetic pickers for fork-lift trucks are perfect for collecting nuts, screws, metal shavings, washers and other ferritic products from the floor of industrial buildings, workshops ...


The range of Magnetic pickers for fork-lift trucks offered by IMA made with permanent magnets, can collect all the particles and metal components that are located on the ground.

These magnetic objects are widely used for cleaning work, thanks to their operation and efficiency.

The task of collecting all metal objects during surface cleaning is very simple and fast. This type of collector is perfect for collecting nuts, screws, metal shavings, washers and other ferritic products...

It is easy to work with different industrial machines, different metal particles can be lost in the process in the ground. For this reason it is important to keep the workplace clean and safe, ridding the surface of waste that could harm or hinder our work.

In just one pass of the magnetic collector you can leave the surface completely free of metal particles, avoiding possible accidents or damage to machinery.To buy a magnetic collector it is important to take into account its attractive power.

IMA offers this range of products made with high power permanent magnets. These magnets ensure the collection of most metal waste. You also have the option of using a magnetic broom that can perform similar functions.

If you need to purchase a magnetic dustpan to clean more comfortably, you can send us your inquiry or place your order.


Standard Measures:

Reference: VARV07150

Recogedores magnéticos para carretillas


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