Ferrite Blocks

Ferrite blocks or block-shaped ceramic magnets are the most economical magnetic blocks. They are also highly resistant to corrosion and various chemicals and therefore do not require any coating.


Ferrite magnets in block form have a good resistance to corrosion; they also have a high antioxidant power.
rust-proof. Because of this characteristic, this type of magnet can be used for outdoor applications in damp locations.

Ferrite blocks are not good conductors of electricity and are therefore used for loudspeakers. Ferrite blocks can also be found in magnetic separators in the industrial sector, in order to reduce maintenance and safety costs.


Standard sizes:

The standard sizes we work with are those shown below. If other dimensions are required, we can also manufacture them on request.

Size range A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
2 - 152  0.6 - 101,6 1 - 40


Block-shaped ferrite magnets have the magnetisation of the magnet located at the north pole and the south pole of the magnet on the two larger surfaces. Ferrite blocks are usually intended for various sectors due to their difficulty in demagnetisation.

Maximum working temperature:

Because of the great advantage of resistance to working with them at a temperature of 250°C, ceramic magnets are suitable for applications such as: motors and the manufacture of magnetic systems. They are also used in the production of magnetic closures and microphones.

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