Productive flexibility

We know the characteristics of the product and its multiple applications and innovations.
We control the whole process of magnets manufacture. Step by step, from the hand of the client, the success of the process will be collaboration from the beginning.

Simulation system

The client transmits their needs to us, our technical team provides the best solutions and thanks to an innovative magnetic simulation program, we can decide the technology to use before manufacturing the magnet.
At this point the production process begins. Our quality department ensures that the properties of our magnets meet the requirements of all our magnets


Tools and injection molds manufacturing

At IMA we manufacture our own tools to produce magnets. Whether it's magnetizing coils or injection molds, we strive to innovate in our production processes to satisfy the specific needs of our customers, always offering the best quality.

Adhesion and bonding systems

The sintered magnets and the plastic magnets can be combined with other technical components when gluing. Our technical team has extensive experience in the world of gluing, which guarantees a professional technique and, therefore, quality magnetic systems.

Adhesives that we process for the production of magnetic assemblies:

• Epoxy and polyurethane (1 and 2 components)
• Cyan acrylates and methyl methacrylates
• Anaerobic adhesives
• Radiation curable adhesives

Experts in injection and on injection of magnetic plastics

We have several injection lines. When using this type of machines, they are mainly used to work plastics. Plastics are first assembled in an injection unit and then injected into a high-pressure mold.
When the mold is cooled, the liquid plastic solidifies and allows its expulsion from the mold. With this technique, we can produce millions of parts in an automated way.
We use three methods: injection in magnetic plastic, over injection in plastic profiles and polyurethane.

Process monitoring

Automating our production process allows us to minimize errors and produce more economically. We constantly optimize our work process to achieve the most efficient results.
The high level of automation of our production processes minimizes errors and possible defects through efficient and more economical production. We comply with our objectives thanks to the optimization of all these work processes and the precise implementation.


Process equal to quality

At IMA we have one of the largest laboratories in Europe with state-of-the-art measuring equipment.
The quality of our products is guaranteed by different certifications. At the same time, we also use the skills of external institutions and partners, which help us to calibrate our machinery.
The processes of analysis and measurement offer an absolute reliability and quality of the materials that we develop and produce.

We can offer constant monitoring and absolute control in all production processes of magnetic parts. The specially developed measuring devices also allow measurements that go beyond the standard requirements.
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