Magnets in the construction industry have a wide range of applications that can affect the way buildings and structures are built and maintained.

IMA solutions contribute to improving production methods in the construction industry. We have developed specific clamping magnets for the construction industry.From the manufacture of building materials to demolition and recycling, magnets have become an important tool for improving the efficiency, safety, and quality of construction projects.

The most common applications of magnets in the construction sector are:

One of the most common uses of magnets in construction is lifting and transporting heavy construction materials. Magnets can provide a safer and more efficient way of lifting and transporting these materials which are generally electromagnetic, meaning they can be turned on and off as needed. The magnet is placed over the building material and turned on so that the material is lifted off the ground and transported to its final location. Once the material is in place, the magnet is turned off and the material is released.

Magnets in the construction industry are also used in demolition and recycling to separate ferrous materials from other materials such as concrete, glass, and wood. This is because ferrous materials are attracted to magnets, while other materials are not. The separation of ferrous materials is important in demolition and recycling because it can reduce material waste and improve the efficiency of the recycling process.

Magnets can help separate steel from other materials and allow it to be recovered for use in future construction projects.

Magnets in the construction industry are also used to detect metallic materials in construction, such as pipes, ducts, and electrical cables. This can improve safety and accuracy in the planning and execution of construction projects.

Our magnet blocks, boxes, triangles, and anchors are compact, lightweight, and offer perfect adhesion. These holding magnets are used to hold concrete forms in place while concrete is being poured. Compared to welding, magnets offer a much more effective and economical solution. However, we also have a wide selection of magnets to hold assemblies in position during welding. This provides enormous time savings and offers greater accuracy.

All of our brackets are suitable for multiple applications in any device and can be used in conjunction with columns and clamping devices or on any formwork surface.

The particular geometry of our products allows adaptation and manufacturing in any dimension and exceeds the strictest control protocols. IMA's magnetic systems facilitate and rationalize the development of the sector's production processes, optimizing their efficiency and profitability.
To recycle construction and demolition waste, see the recycling section.


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