Magnetic solutions

The strength of IMA is the tailor-made design of all types of magnetic solutions for companies in any sector.

Thanks to our engineering and laboratory departments, we are present at all stages of product creation, from the initial idea to the final production, through the process of prototype development and product qualification.

The client actively participates in the project at all times, is informed of the actions, tests, or simulations that are carried out, as well as the results of these.

We put all our knowledge and advanced technological tools in the process in order to manufacture the magnetic solution best suited to every need. If there is a magnetic need, IMA will develop your solution.

01 Making contact
02 Feasibility
03 Calculations and simulations
04 Proposal
05 First validation
06 Prototyping
07 Preseries and final validation
08 Production
09 Optimization

Making contact

The client presents their need, request, or project idea to the commercial department. It transfers the available information to the technical department.



The technical department of IMA studies the feasibility of the customer’s request in terms of production processes, capacities, and certifications. The technical department carries out a first study, as well as a conceptual design of the project.


Calculations and simulations

IMA has a vast selection of software to calculate, simulate, model, and analyze customer projects. At this stage, the possible materials and production processes to be used to successfully carry out the client’s project are defined, as well as the first preliminary plans of the product.



The technical department makes a proposal to carry out the project to the client, offering the different feasible options for the development of this.


First validation

IMA prepares the validation of the product and the process, thus closing all the technical aspects, releasing the plans, and preparing the relevant documentation.



The first prototypes are made and later, the first samples for the customer to approve them and proceed to the certification of the product.


Preseries and final validation

Once the first samples have been approved by the customer, a preserie is produced to reinforce the weak points of the product or process and avoid any problems at the production stage. At this stage the final validation of the product takes place.



The final product is produced, starting from a robust process and studied to minimize defects.



With production in progress, the technical department and the production department will study the most efficient way to manufacture the quantities requested by the customer. The possibility of automating the process or the process controls will be studied in order to produce a larger quantity in less time.

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