Magnets are a crucial element in the motor and wind power industries. In both cases, they are used to generate a magnetic field that interacts with other electromagnetic and mechanical elements to create motion.

In the motor sector, magnets are used in electric motors to generate a magnetic field that interacts with electrical conductors and produces an electromotive force. Electric motors are divided into two main categories: direct current (DC) motors and alternating current (AC) motors. In DC motors, the magnets always remain in a fixed position, while in AC motors, the magnets rotate inside a stator to create a moving magnetic field.

In the wind industry, magnets are used in wind turbines to generate electrical energy from the kinetic energy of the wind. Wind turbines are composed of a rotor that spins thanks to the force of the wind and a stator that houses the magnets and electrical windings. As the rotor rotates, the magnets move in relation to the electrical windings, generating a flow of current that is converted into electrical energy.

The continuous evolution of the technology used in the energy and wind energy sector, in order to improve the energy production capacity, has made permanent magnets the most advisable option, thanks to their properties.

Magnets used in the motor and wind energy sector can be permanent or electromagnetic.

electromagnetic. Permanent magnets are made from permanent magnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, and copper, and do not require electrical power to maintain their magnetic strength.

Electromagnetic magnets, on the other hand, require electric current to activate and their magnetic strength depends on the current strength.

In the motor industry, magnets are used in a wide variety of applications, including automobiles, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, and power transmission systems.

In the wind industry, magnets are used in a wide variety of applications, including wind power generation, power generation in remote areas, power generation on offshore platforms, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The new magnetic systems applied in this sector allow the motors to be driven directly using fewer components.

This is a fundamental characteristic for greater reliability of the equipment and better energy efficiency, providing a considerable increase in energy production.

In the wind energy and motor industry, permanent magnets are one of the most widely used products. The properties of these products are often the best combination to meet the needs of customers in this sector.

The electromagnets are also very used magnets in this sector to perform very specific functions in specialized medical equipment such as:

Industrial elevatorss


Lift truck

Air conditioner

Elevators adapted for people with reduced mobility

Wind turbines, on occasion, present a set of challenging conditions. xtreme temperatures, different vibrations, exposure to hydraulic fluids or followed by electrostatic discharges that can alter the performance of the set of components that form it.

The durability and resistance required in the magnets can be found in IMA. Thanks to our high knowledge of the product and our long journey in the field of magnetism, we provide solutions in the most efficient and comfortable way for our customers.

We have specialized advice and prepared to meet the needs of our customers. Together with the resources available to us, we can manufacture your product to measure and with short delivery times.

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