The continuous evolution of the technology used in the energy and wind sector, in improving the energy production capacity, has placed permanent magnets in the most advisable option, thanks to its properties.

The new magnetic systems applied in this sector, allow to drive the engines directly using fewer components.

Característica fundamental, para una mayor fiabilidad del equipo y una mejor eficiencia energética, aportando un incremento considerable de la producción energética.

Fundamental characteristic, for a greater reliability of the equipment and a better energetic efficiency, contributing a considerable increase of the energetic production. In the wind energy industry and motors, permanent magnets are one of the most used products. The properties of these products are often the best combination to solve the needs of customers in this sector.

The electromagnets are also very used magnets in this sector to perform very specific functions in specialized medical equipment such as:

Industrial elevatorss


Lift truck

Air conditioner

Elevators adapted for people with reduced mobility

Wind turbines, on occasion, present a set of challenging conditions. xtreme temperatures, different vibrations, exposure to hydraulic fluids or followed by electrostatic discharges that can alter the performance of the set of components that form it.

The durability and resistance required in the magnets can be found in IMA. Thanks to our high knowledge of the product and our long journey in the field of magnetism, we provide solutions in the most efficient and comfortable way for our customers.

We have specialized advice and prepared to meet the needs of our customers. Together with the resources available to us, we can manufacture your product to measure and with short delivery times.

Motor and Wind Energy
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