At IMA, we are strongly committed to research, development and innovation, being aware of the continuous dynamism that exists in the automotive sector and the need to create new products that adapt to the needs demanded by our customers. For this reason, we have the IATF(16949:2016)

Magnets and electromagnets are critical components in the automotive sector, used in a large number of systems and components, from motors and alternators to sensors and safety systems.

Thanks to their high efficiency and reliability, magnets, and electromagnets continue to be a fundamental part of the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, magnets and electromagnets are used in a large number of components and systems, such as sensors, motors, alternators, and safety systems, among others.

Rare earth magnets are the most commonly used in the automotive industry due to their high corrosion resistance and magnetic strength. On the other hand, an electromagnet has an electric current flowing through the windings of an electromagnet, and a magnetic field is generated.

When the current stops, the magnetic field disappears. In addition, electromagnets are essential in the electric propulsion systems of hybrid and electric vehicles. In these systems, electromagnets in the motor rotor work in conjunction with electric currents in the stator coils to generate rotary motion.

In the automotive sector, electromagnets are used in electric motors, such as starter motors and electric drive motors. Starter motors use an electromagnet to generate a

magnetic field that attracts a rotor and turns it to start the internal combustion engine.

As far as magnets are concerned, they can be found in many automotive components, including internal combustion engines, alternators, water pumps, sensors, audio systems, and power steering systems, among others.

Magnets and electromagnets are used in various applications in the automotive sector, such as:

Ignition systems: Permanent magnets are used in the distributor rotor to generate an electromagnetic field that is used to ignite the spark in the spark plugs.

Alternators: Electromagnets are used in the alternator armature to generate electricity that is used to charge the battery and power the vehicle's electrical system.

Electric motors: Electromagnets are used in the electric motors of hybrid and electric vehicles to generate the rotational force needed to move the vehicle.

Sensors: Permanent magnets and electromagnets are used in sensors to detect the position and movement of engine and transmission components.

We have a brand new facility and our dynamic team is continually innovating and improving our products to make them more easily adaptable to this industrial sector.

Our magnets are one of the few magnetic products manufactured in Europe that have different certifications and pass a large number of quality controls.

The magnets are indispensable complements for automobiles, since they are used for a multitude of different parts as in:

ABS control systems

Automatic change boxes

Electric windows

Motors for windshield wipers

Light position control

Motors of seat movements

Position sensors

Fixing of interior ceilings

Fastening of rear doors

Detection of safety belts placed


Closing of living quarters

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