At IMA, we are strongly committed to research, development and innovation, being aware of the continuous dynamism that exists in the automotive sector and the need to create new products that adapt to the needs demanded by our customers.

We have new facilities that together with our dynamic team that is continuously innovating and improving our products so that it is easier to adapt them to this industrial sector.

Our magnets are one of the few magnetic products manufactured in Europe that have different certifications and pass a large number of quality controls.

Thanks to advanced measuring equipment, we can guarantee that each magnet complies with the quality and safety requirements.

We work with different materials for the manufacture of our magnets, such as neodymium, ferrite, alnico, samarium or injected plastic magnets. We will have to decide for one them, according to the requirements of our clients.

The parameters in which we set ourselves to decide which type is best for each situation are: costs, magnetic field, working temperature, shape or type of magnetization.

The magnets are indispensable complements for automobiles, since they are used for a multitude of different parts as in:

ABS control systems

Automatic change boxes

Electric windows

Motors for windshield wipers

Light position control

Motors of seat movements

Position sensors

Fixing of interior ceilings

Fastening of rear doors

Detection of safety belts placed


Closing of living quarters

The more than 30 years of experience in the sector together with the production capacity that we have, thanks to the new facilities and our flexible production processes, endorse us and make our customers of the automotive sector decide to work with us, placing all their confidence in our talent, expertise and experience.

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