IMA offers a new range of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and additional functions that can ensure the continuity of the service and electrical network for our electronic devices for a certain period of time.

Uninterruptible Power Systems



The Uninterruptible Power Supplies or also known as UPS, are machines that prevent any interruption in the operation of electronic devices connected to the mains. They provide backup power when the power grid fails or the voltage is unstable. The size of the UPS can determine the amount of time that additional power can be supplied to connected equipment.

Another function of the UPS, is to improve the quality of the electrical energy that reaches the electronic device, avoiding possible increases or decreases in voltage, or any overload in the electrical network.

There are different types of uninterruptible power supplies that provide concrete levels for the protection of the electricity grid. These teams can be: standby, interactive line and double conversion.

IMA offers a new range of solutions to solve electrical problems and to meet the needs of its customers, ensuring continuity of service for all equipment and facilities.

If you need to purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), you should know or facilitate the consumption that you will need to cover. In this way, IMA can calculate the energy that the customer consumes and recommend the most recommended equipment for each use.

Technical characteristics

Supply voltage3 X 400 + N / 3 x 230 + N
Operating voltage stabilized REGULABLE12 / 20 Vdc
Work intensity on the load1000 ADC
Network work frequency45 - 65 Hz
Curly max4'2%
Power factor>0'95
Automatic Intensity / Voltage ControlSi
Output voltage variation (empty / load)<1%
Adjustable start and end rampSi
Rectifier system >1/2 Onda


Uninterruptible Power Systems are mainly responsible for keeping open and operational electronic equipment that is connected to the power grid, a function that offers a large number of applications and uses in all industrial and domestic sectors.

Computer equipment
Hospital equipment
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