We have a wide variety of magnetic tapes with different characteristics and very varied types, which can be adapted to your needs. We can create the product tailored and with a lot of production and handling capacity.


The magnetic tape of IMA can provide a great adhesion on any metallic surface, adapting perfectly thanks to its great flexibility.

It is a type of magnet that stays magnetized permanently and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Thanks to our manufacturing and handling capacity, we can streamline your process and supply it in a very short period of time to the rest of our competitors. Providing very varied measures, along with very specific thicknesses and coatings for protection against water, chemicals and other elements.

It is a very versatile and suitable product for organizing and signaling products in warehouses or large surfaces, at the same time that it can be used in signage for advertising.

There are different types of magnetic tape according to its magnetization, such as:

  • Magnetic tape CM1 isotropic: Magnetized multipolar on one side, offers adequate clamping force for a wide range of applications.

  • Magnetic tape CM2 anisotropic: Thanks to the orientation of its magnetic particles, this material has a greater attraction force. It is magnetized by one or two faces, which makes it perfect for countless applications. It is magnetized by one or two faces, which makes it perfect for countless applications.

At IMA, we treat the entire production process of the magnetic tape, from its beginnings until the moment of distribution. For this reason, we can meet the expectations of our customers, thanks to full control over the manufacturing and customization of the final product.

We manufacture the magnetic tape in large quantities and with all kinds of measurements, in this way we adapt ourselves 100% to the needs that are presented to us. We produce magnetic tape reels that can then be cut to size, obtaining different dimensions, that is, we can choose the width of the strip of magnetic tape and the length, precisely. At the same time, we can cut it into very specific shapes and large quantities. We can also do it in different colors and finishes, such as double-sided magnet, an adhesive face among others.


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