Exterior thread Neodymium Pot Magnets

Neodymium magnetic bases with external threading are provided with an external metric. They can be used in any fixing system where great holding power is required.


Externally threaded neodymium magnetic bases are very useful tools in various industrial and DIY applications. These magnetic bases are designed to hold metal objects securely and stably on flat, vertical surfaces. We sell neodymium magnetic bases with external threading together with a rubber coating. As they are made of neodymium magnet, a material with low corrosion resistance, this coating will protect it, prolonging its properties over time.

Neodymium is a very powerful magnetic material that provides great holding force, making it ideal for use in magnetic bases. In addition, the externally threaded neodymium magnetic bases have an external thread that allows you to easily fix and adjust the position of the tool.

These magnetic bases are very easy to use. You just need to place the magnetic base on a flat surface and adjust the position of the tool using the external thread. The magnetic base will hold any metal object placed on top of it firmly in place.

In addition, the neodymium magnetic bases with external threading are very strong and durable. They are designed to support large amounts of weight and resist wear and corrosion over time.

The neodymium bases with external threading have a great holding force so we can use them for applications that require grip and fastening.


Standard sizes:

Code A (mm) C (mm) H (mm) M Weight (g) Strength (Kg) Strength (N)
BASN01422 10 4.5 12.5 4 3 1.5 15
BASN01423 13 4.5 12.5 5 5 4 40
BASN01425 16 4.5 12.5 6 7.5 7 70
BASN01426 20 6 16 6 16 12 120
BASN01427 25 7 17 6 25 20 200
BASN01428 32 7 17 6 48 30 300

*The force is calculated on a 10 mm sheet.


Upon request, they can be supplied in any other dimension.

Maximum working temperature:

In general, neodymium magnets are temperature-sensitive and can lose some of their magnetic strength when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum working temperature to avoid demagnetization of the magnet.
Neodymium bases with external threading have a working temperature of 80°C. Upon request, we can supply special Neodymium parts with a working temperature of 150ºC.

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