Alnico blocks

Alnico blocks are made of an alloy of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. Alnico magnets are characteristically the permanent magnets with the highest resistance to high temperatures.

Alnico blocks are characteristically the permanent magnets with the highest resistance to high temperatures and high corrosion.


Alnico blocks can use their magnetic circles to produce strong fields. As we will see in the temperature section, alnico magnets are important for spaces that have a prominent working temperature.

Alnico blocks have high remanent induction but low coercivity. Because of their high magnetic remanent induction, these types of magnets are intended for meter applications and magnetic field detection systems.


Standard Size:

The standard size of our alnico block you can see below, In case another size is needed to better suit the need, we can create it under other dimensions.

Size range A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
7,5 - 62  6 - 61 4,5 - 70


Alnico blocks are brittle materials so their shape can only be modified in the casting process. On the other hand, alnico magnets in block form are very resistant to corrosion and moisture, which is why they are delivered without any coating. In the same way, these blocks are most often intended for outdoors and in rooms with high temperatures.

Maximum working temperature:

Alnico blocks are magnets very much intended for industrial sectors that require good behavior with high temperatures, as this type of magnet can be worked with temperatures up to 425ºC.

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