In the mining sector, the ore is mixed with other metallic products. Situation that can cause damage to the machinery used to extract the mineral. For this reason, strong magnets are introduced in specific points of the machinery, to avoid damage at the moment of the transport of the substance and to guarantee a correct extraction of the material, separating it from the metallic products. Also, in milling stages of the material, we must protect the equipment with magnets to reduce the risks in the process.

To obtain finer minerals and sensitive to the contamination of the product, such as salt or quartz, you must release the mineral of metallic substances, to provide maximum purity of this material.

The mineral powder obtained in the extraction must be processed and separated from all the metallic particles, for a correct maintenance of the equipment and a high level of purity. Magnetic systems such as drums, filters or separators are responsible for separating and filtering these minerals.

In recent years the demand for this type of magnets for the separation of metallic particles has increased, due to the shortage of certain raw materials and the increase in waste disposal costs. Factor that has generated an increase in recycling.

The recycling sector also has the need to separate the material to take advantage of the metallic elements. The greater the amount of carbon in these products, the more magnetic properties they will have and the easier it will be to separate. Some of the magnets most used in this sector are electromagnets, with the advantage of activating and deactivating their magnetic field. We can find them in the first classification of waste.

In recycling chains, there is a need for high magnetic power, the magnets chosen are neodymium magnets, thanks to their great strength over their competitors. In IMA we can manufacture the most suitable neodymium magnet for each application, fulfilling the requirements demanded by our consumers, in the best way.

We do not limit ourselves only to offer our products, but we offer collaboration with our team of engineers to help our client in obtaining the best solution.

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