The transformers are structured in 5 different groups of products: Single-phase, Three-phase, Clinical Use, Three-phase and Adjustable Auto-Transformers.

IMA can provide technical advice and provide the best solution that suits your needs.


The transformers re used to modify an electrical voltage from one value to another They are also used as galvanic isolation by physically separating the electrical network from the installation or machine to be fed.

It is a very effective ally to stop the parasites and interferences that travel through the electrical network and disturb the computer systems that we feed.


The set of magnetic properties offered by neodymium magnets allows multiple applications, through great strength and better performance than other materials such as ferrite or alnico. The manufacture of this magnet by sintering, allows us to achieve a wide variety of designs and shapes, to meet the needs of customers.

Numerical control machines
Computer equipment
Laboratory equipment
Hospital equipment
Radio / TV broadcast and transmission
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