• P.E.F Magnetic Plates: It is manufactured with ferrite magnets of large dimensions positioned in such a way that they generate a strong and deep magnetic field.

  • The surface of the magnet that comes into contact with the circulating material is made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.

  • For mounting, these magnetic plates have threaded holes on the back.

  • The standard range includes a wide variety of sizes, however, under special order; we can supply them in any dimension.

  • These magnetic plates do not consume energy and do not need auxiliary equipment. Its maintenance is limited to the proper routine cleaning: extraction of the attracted waste.

  • Electromagnetic plate: for installation in conveyor belts, specific for meat, aggregate, gravel, ceramic, quarry, etc. industries.

  • It is a product composed of a coil inserted in an iron core that feeds on electrical energy. This generates a magnetic force that attracts and retains ferrous particles that are within this magnetic field.

  • It is characterized by its great force of attraction as well as its distance of action, being far superior to other permanent magnets. It is also very useful in large granulometries or important working heights.

  • The metals that trap the plate are released alone when the electrical supply of the electromagnet is interrupted.

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