Alnico Bars

Alnico rods or alnico rods are made of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt magnets. Alnico magnets have a low coercive force which limits the applications of this magnet.


Alnico rods are cylindrical magnets that are often used in magnetic field measuring instruments due to their high magnetic induction.

The poles are located on the flat surfaces of the alnico rods or bars, in the same way, the magnetization of the magnet is determined during the heat treatment involved in the production of the alnico magnet.

Standard sizes:

The standard sizes we work with when making the alnico rods you can see below, In case the sizes do not match your needs, we can manufacture them in other sizes.

Size range A (mm) B (mm)
1,2 - 20 7 - 150


Alnico rods or bars have a high corrosion resistance, so they do not need any coating.

Alnico rods having this format are perfect for use in the production of aerospace sensors and magnetic filters.

Maximum working temperature:

The standard working temperature of alnico rods is 425°C. For higher working temperatures, please contact our sales department.

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