Special Shapes

Neodymium magnets with which you can make geometric shapes. This type of shape allows the magnet to be more personalized and more adapted to the client's needs.

Neodymium magnets with special geometry are delivered Ni-coated. Powerful neodymium magnets made entirely to measure.


Special geometry-shaped neodymium magnets are custom-made, so both the special geometric shape and magnetization can be customized.

The special geometry allows you to obtain the shape that best suits your needs, obtaining all the properties of neodymium such as great coercivity and high resistance. On the other hand, the special geometry offers us a high degree of magnetization of 5,000 gauss and 52,000 gauss.

Neodymium in the form of a special geometry has a large number of applications since it is the permanent magnet with the highest magnetizing force despite having smaller dimensions.


Neodymium magnets have a low tolerance to corrosion, so they need a coating to lengthen the type of duration of their magnetic properties. Special geometry magnets are delivered nickel-plated.

Maximum working temperature:

Neodymium magnets with special geometry can withstand a temperature of 80ºC, if a higher temperature is needed, we can supply them.

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