Magnetic pickers, also known as magnetic collectors or magnetic separators, are devices used in various industries for the extraction and separation of ferromagnetic materials from mixtures or streams of solid, liquid or gaseous products. This equipment takes advantage of the magnetic properties of certain materials to attract and collect magnetic particles, thus helping to improve the quality of the final product and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the process.


We have different types of magnetic tubes according to their uses and applications in the industrial sector:


  • The telescopic magnet is a practical and functional solution that combines magnetic attraction capacity with the flexibility of a telescopic mechanism, making the retrieval of out-of-reach metal objects easier and safer.

  • The magnetic broom is an ingenious tool that facilitates cleaning and improves safety by picking up unwanted metal objects, helping to keep environments tidier and free from potential hazards.

  • Magnetic forklift recognisers are devices that use magnetic detection technology to improve the safety and efficiency of forklift operations in industrial environments.

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