Over-injected magnets are magnetic elements manufactured in the most precise and customised way with the corresponding dimensions for each application. It is a magnet that is covered by standard plastic material, such as polyamide, polypropylene, or another type of polymer, which allows us to achieve a complex geometry that surrounds the entire magnet. This feature gives us a great advantage in cases that require a magnet with a very specific or complex geometry in the final application, either for reasons of space or protection, as the magnet can be completely sealed and protected, improving its performance against degradation due to the impact of environmental conditions.

Over-injected magnets are magnetic elements made in the most precise and customised way with the corresponding dimensions for each application.

Over-injected Magnets

Over-injected Magnets

Over-injected Magnets


Type of material

Magnetic powders: ferrite or rare earth


NdFeB / SmCo
PA6 / PA11 / PA12

Work temperature

From 100ºC to 200ºC


Resistance to corrosion
Molding diversity

Injected magnets are used in electric motors, automation devices, audio equipment, cooling systems and many other electromechanical devices. Injected magnets are also used in medical applications, such as magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic therapy.

Over-injected magnets are permanent magnets that are manufactured by injecting magnetic material into a plastic mould. These magnets have several unique properties that make them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

One of the most outstanding properties of over-injected magnets is their high corrosion resistance. Because they are made of tough plastic materials, over-injected magnets do not rust or corrode easily, making them ideal for use in wet or corrosive environments.

Over-injected magnets also have a high capacity to retain their magnetism, which means they can maintain their magnetic strength for long periods. This makes them ideal for use in applications where a constant and long-lasting magnetic force is required.

In addition, the over-injected magnets are extremely strong and have a high product energy, which makes them ideal for use in applications requiring high magnetic force. Due to their unique design, over-injected magnets are also very versatile and can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

One of the most common applications of injected magnets is in the manufacture of electric motors. Injected magnets are used to produce a constant magnetic field that drives the motor and makes it work.

Please refer to the properties (remanence, strength, coercivity, temperatures...) of the over-injected magnets listed in the table of qualities.


We have an internal mold manufacturing department, which allows us to produce customized pieces guaranteeing maximum quality and a perfect technical implementation.

During the product development stage, we perform simulations to ensure that the plastic technical parts meet all the customer's requirements.

The production of these magnets is highly efficient due to a high degree of automation in the production process providing the required level of quality.

Work temperature

With this type of injection materials maximum temperatures of 100ºC of work are obtained for PA12 and approximately 120ºC for PA6. For working temperatures of 200 ° C, polyphenol is used, which allows good behavior at high temperatures. Epoxy resins that can be used up to temperatures of 120ºC.


One of the main applications of over-injected magnets is in the automotive industry. They are used in electric motors and hybrid propulsion systems to generate magnetic force and enable the movement of components. These magnets contribute to the energy efficiency of vehicles by reducing friction and improving power output. In addition, their high resistance to temperature and vibration make them ideal for demanding automotive environments.

Another important application is in consumer electronics. Over-injected magnets are used in speakers, headphones and microphones, where they help convert electrical signals into sound waves. Their compact size and ability to produce a strong magnetic field make them a popular choice for portable devices. In addition, their resistance to moisture and wear and tear ensures long-lasting performance.

In medicine, over-injected magnets find applications in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and diagnostic equipment. These powerful magnets are used to generate stable and homogeneous magnetic fields, enabling high-resolution and high-precision imaging. In addition, their flexible and lightweight design facilitates adaptation to different patient shapes and sizes, improving comfort and experience in medical diagnostics.

In the energy industry, over-injected magnets are used in wind generators and hydroelectric turbines. These magnets, combined with copper coils, generate electricity through electromagnetic induction when exposed to rotating magnetic fields. Their corrosion resistance and high energy efficiency make them ideal for renewable energy production.

use of over-injected magnets is very varied and we can find them in different industrial sectors such as automotive, medicine, wind energy...

Electric Motors
Communication technology
Home appliances
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