Ferrite Rings

Ferrite rings or ferrite rings are a disc-shaped magnet with a hole in the centre. Ferrite rings are mainly used for measurement and filtration purposes.

Ferrite ring magnets are created by aligning the particles in a single direction to create magnetic characteristics. Ferrite rings have an axial magnetisation, whereby the poles are located on flat circular surfaces.


The ferrite ring can be used for a power supply, for this application it is necessary to know the size of the ring in order to know the performance index, the number of turns of the magnetic ring in the machine.

Ferrite rings are an alloy of iron oxide and strontium oxide. In addition, they are characteristically stainless and work outdoors.


Standard sizes:

The larger the diameter both internally and externally of the ring, the greater the axial length, just like the resistance of the circuit. Therefore, if we want a higher attenuation, we will need a larger size.

Size range A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
10-220 4-110 3-45


These magnet rings are supplied uncoated as being made with a ferrite magnet has a high resistance to corrosion.

Maximum working temperature:

Ferrite rings can be worked and manipulated under a temperature of 250ºC. If other temperatures are required, we can work them on request.

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