Magnetic Head Rollers

These types of magnetic head rollers substitute the rollers placed at the head of the conveyor belt. This system extracts ferrous particles from the product that is passing along the conveyor belt, takes them under the roller, where they fall off and are collected in a container.



If the transmission of movement is to be done by chains, the rollers must be appropriately protected by a fixed mechanism in the structure of the machine. The recommended working temperature is between 0ºC and 40ºC, and a maximum of 80% relative humidity. For working operations in which materials have a high temperature, it is necessary to let them cool down first.

In order to obtain a perfect functioning, it is important for the path of the material to be separated to be continuous and for it to be correctly distributed along the conveyor belt.

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This type of magnetic rollers are maintenance free and do not precise power supply.

The chart below shows our standard range measurements. To special order, we can supply special dimensions and/or specifications depending on particular needs.


Standard measurements:

The following table gives the measures of our standard program. Also, on special request, we can realize them in size and / or special requirements, depending on your particular needs.

Code ØA (mm) B (mm) Capacity (mc/h) Weight (kg)
IMA RD10.25 100 250 1 15
IMA RD10.50 100 500 2 25
IMA RD15.10 150 500 2.5 35
IMA RD15.60 150 600 3 42
IMA RD15100 150 1000 6 80
IMA RD20.40 200 400 6 65
IMA RD20.45 200 450 8 70
IMA RD25.65 250 650 20 140
IMA RD32.45 320 450 18 160
IMA RD32.90 320 900 41 320
IMA RD32.11 320 1100 53 400
IMA RD40.80 400 800 70 400
IMA RD40110 400 1100 100 550
IMA RD50.90 500 900 107 600
IMA RD50110 500 1100 136 750


These magnetic head rollers for conveyor belts are produced with ceramic magnets; however, if higher magnetic strength is desired, we can produce them with Neodymium magnets.

In order for them to work properly, it is essential firstly, to establish their position, and then to fix them to a rigid and safe structure.

* On request, can be supplied in any other dimension.

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