Their ability to generate magnetic fields makes magnets an essential part of many key processes and technologies.

In the automotive sector, magnets provide added value in engines, braking systems and sensors, among others, improving safety, performance and the manufacture of vehicles.

Magnets play a fundamental role in the electronics sector. They are used in a variety of applications, from generating magnetic fields in transformers and electric motors to operating data storage devices such as hard drives and magnetic memories.

In wind power, generators use magnets to efficiently convert the wind's kinetic energy into electricity. In addition, magnets are essential in the manufacture of wind turbines, since they help to maximize the production of renewable energy and contribute to sustainable development and the mitigation of climate change.

Magnets in the aerospace and aeronautical sector bring us many benefits. They are used in propulsion systems, such as electric motors, where they generate magnetic fields to control the movement and orientation of spacecraft and airplanes.

In the medical sector, magnets are of vital importance. One of the most prominent uses is magnetic resonance (MR), where superconducting magnets generate powerful magnetic fields to obtain detailed images of the body without ionizing radiation, which facilitates accurate diagnoses.

The use of magnets in the food industry is one of the most important elements in terms of safety and quality, and magnetic separators are manufactured that are used to eliminate unwanted metallic particles that can contaminate products.

Magnets in the recycling sector are used to efficiently separate ferrous from non-ferrous materials in waste sorting facilities. Facilitate the optimization of the reuse of resources. On the other hand, in mining, magnets are crucial in the extraction and processing of minerals.

In the automation and robotics sector, magnets are essential to lift and transport heavy loads efficiently and safely. In the same way that they are used in gripping and clamping systems, which allows robots to pick up and assemble metal parts with precision.

Magnets play a versatile role in the construction sector. Magnetic formwork is an innovation in the construction industry that is used to support and align pieces of concrete, steel or other materials during the casting and setting process. Magnetic elevators are also used to handle heavy metal materials.

There are magnetic solutions for many other sectors, but these are the main ones where magnetic products are used. We continue to work on developing magnetic solutions adapted to all industries.
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