The magnets manufactured in IMA are composed of materials that improve their composition obtaining better performance and high performance.

These sintered magnets obtain better characteristics, such as greater coercivity and remanence, in different industries such as: automotive, electronics, wind energy ...

At IMA we are specialists in the manufacture of a custom magnet, studying the problem of our client and providing the best solution for your application.

The magnet can be manufactured in different qualities, depending on the requirements necessary to fulfill its functions. We also offer different magnetic solutions such as injected and over-injected magnets in plastic, a wide range of magnetic tapes, among others.


Rare Earth magnets (neodymium and samarium) are the most powerful on the market.

This factor increases its field of application where space is limited or where a high magnetic field is required.

Neodymium magnets can withstand maximum working temperatures between 80ºC and 200ºC and those of Samarium-Cobalt between 250ºC and 350ºC. Due to the hardness of this type of materials, they can only be machined or worked with diamond tools.

Ferrite magnets (ceramics) have a wide field of application in any type of industry.

Thanks to its value for money is, perhaps, one of the most used materials.

This type of magnets offers a good behavior at high temperatures (up to 250°C) and a good resistance to demagnetization.

Alnico magnets are composed of an alloy of aluminum, nickel and cobalt.

This material offers a good behavior at high temperatures (up to 425ºC).

Alnico magnetic bases offer a wide range of applications in the industrial world.

Plastic bonded magnets are the result of the union between thermoplastic binders and magnetic materials (ferrite, NdFeB and SmCo).

The manufacturing can be by injection, pressing, extruded or calendared.

IMA has special magnets that adapt to the needs and designs of each company and / or sector: automotive, recycling, construction, robotics...

Such products are in our section of special magnets in Engineering and control

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