Magnets for the food industry fulfill some important functions that contribute to the production of safe and high-quality food. They are used in a variety of applications to improve the efficiency and quality of food products.

Magnets are used in the removal of unwanted metals, such as nails, staples, scales, and iron particles, which can be hazardous to human health and damage equipment and machinery.

Similarly, magnets can be used for the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and machinery in the food industry. For example, magnets can be used to trap and remove metal particles adhering to equipment surfaces. They can also be used to separate materials.

Finally, they are used to improve the quality and safety of food products: Magnets in the food sector help improve the quality and safety of food products by removing unwanted metals, keeping equipment and machinery clean and efficient, and separating materials that can affect product quality and safety.

Quality, together with the protective methods you use in the processing of your products, is a key factor in the food industry,

in a sector such as food where safety is paramount, can be one of the keys to success for your business.

We are aware of the large volume of needs that are generated in the food industry, for this very reason, we have a wide range of articles and magnetic methods that we make available to our customers, offering a wide variety of solutions to ensure the purity of the products.

An outstanding example is the magnetic separation systems manufactured for the detection of any contamination, impurities, and any type of metallic particle filtered in any of the production or packaging processes of the product.

The performance of the separation of metallic particles from the product is one of the requirements that most concerns the quality department.

For this reason, all the products we offer at IMA are manufactured using permanent magnets, providing maximum safety, without depending on the power supply and with a long product life, thanks to the quality of the magnets.

This avoids costly interruptions in production, damage to machinery or product recalls.

The use of the magnet in the food sector is increasingly widespread, being used to:

Security systems

Separation systems

Packaging and packaging systems

Hygiene and cleaning system

Smoke output

In order to cover all needs, IMA facilitates direct contact with the commercial team, which provides specialized and professional technical advice Providing innovative solutions to prevent contamination by metal particles in this sector and tailored to your business. The consultation can be done through the form on our website or through a telephone connection.

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