We can manufacture high-quality magnets for applications such as sensors, actuators, or actuators for electric motors, pumps, or fuel flows. We are constantly researching to improve and innovate parts to ensure optimum performance for our customers.

Our more than 30 years of experience in the field of magnetics in the industrial world makes us one of the most qualified and skilled magnetic suppliers to the aerospace industry.

One of the most common uses of magnets in aerospace and aviation is the production of electrical energy. For example, permanent magnets are used in satellite and aerospace vehicle power generators to generate electricity from the movement of rotors.

Similarly, they are used in electric motors, whether aerospace vehicle engines or aircraft turbines, to generate power and motion.

Magnets play an important role in rockets and satellites, as they are used to orient and maintain the correct position of electronic components.

They are also used in attitude control systems to regulate the position of satellites and rockets in space. Magnets are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and are selected according to the specific needs of each application.

In aircraft, magnets are used in navigation sensors, such as compasses, to determine direction.

They are also used in aircraft engines to help generate onboard electricity and power electronic systems.

Electric motors are increasingly used because of their advantages over conventional engines that use combustion as a power source, allowing us to grow in the aerospace sector.

By using magnetic simulations during the manufacturing process of magnetic products, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being able to validate our solutions and produce quality and reliable products in an industry where safety is paramount.

Magnets and electromagnets are commonly found in lifting and loading systems such as:

Subjection for things from the cellar

Cabin electronics

Fastening and electronics in the cabin

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