IMA EL Electromagnetic Plate

Electromagnetic plate for installation on conveyor belts specifically for the meat, aggregates, gravel, ceramics and quarrying industries, etc. It is a product consisting of an electrically powered coil inserted into an iron core. This generates a magnetic force which attracts and retains iron particles in the magnetic field.



It is characterised by its great force of attraction and also by the fact that it acts at much greater distances than other permanent magnets. It is also very useful with large grain size or when working at great heights.

The metal trapped by the plate is released when the electromagnet’s power supply is turned off.

Standard measurements:

IMA EL electromagnetic plate
Width of the belt: Bands between 400mm and 1.800mm
Installation: On conveyer belts, longitudinally or transversely. It includes four eyebolts for its hanging, but it does not include the structure for hanging it up.
Supply: Three phase 380 v. For other voltajes, it must be ordered specifically.
Area free or metal: All the bottom área.
Product temperature: From -10ºC up to 60ºC
Protection: IP65.
Tension in D.C.: 220 V.
Distance of accion: De 0 a 800 mm.
Electrical equipement: Carbon Steel box painted in RAL 7032
Main switch 3x2 A with door lock.
Three phase transformer 380 VCA-220 Vcc.
4 fuse bases.


Standard measurements:

Reference Distance of
Dimensions Weight Power D.C. Voltage. Dimensions S.E. (**)
mm mm Kg KW V mm
IMA EL 500 180 500x400x360 360 1.1 80 300x500x200
IMA EL 600 200 600x500x360 540 1.5 80 400x500x250
IMA EL 700 240 700x620x401 700 2 110 400x600x250
IMA EL 800 280 800x700x360 940 3 110 400x600x250
IMA EL 900 320 900x800x430 1200 4 110 500x700x250
IMA EL 1000 360 1000x800x430 1600 5.5 110 500x700x250
IMA EL 1200 400 1200x1000x400 2000 7 220 600x800x300
IMA EL 1400A 450 1400x1200x440 4000 10 220 600x800x300
IMA EL 1400B 500 1400x1250x440 5400 13 220 1000x800x300
IMA EL 2150A 550 2150x1700x573 7500 15 220 1000x8000x300
IMA EL 2150B 680 2150x1700x854 9000 17 220 1000x8000x300

(*) Maximum height from the end of the strip for placing the electromagnet.

(**) Electrical equipment accompanying the electromagnet.


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