Ferrite Discs

Ferrite discs are inexpensive flat round magnets that are often used because of their high coercivity and low cost. As it has a high coercivity, it does not need a coating.


Disc-shaped ferrite magnets are made of an alloy of strontium oxide and iron oxide. These magnets are very fragile, so they should be treated with great care.

Ferrite discs are made of ferrite so it is a stainless magnet, in other words, it is highly resistant to moisture and is intended for outdoor use.

Depending on the strength that we need the disc-shaped ferrite magnet to have, it can be isotropic and anisotropic, just like ferrite blocks, if we need a greater magnetic force, the ferrite disc will have an anisotropic magnetization.

Standard sizes:

The standard measurements with which we work with ferrite discs can be seen reflected below, if another measurement is required, we can manufacture it on demand.

Size range A (mm) C (mm)
3 - 120 0,8 - 25


Ferrite magnetic disks have a north pole and a south pole in which the axial magnetization is on the flat circular surfaces. The strength and performance of the magnet depend on its height and volume. The fact of having this format gives us the possibility of allocating it to various types of car brakes.

Maximum working temperature:

Ferrite magnetic discs are characterized by their high resistance to withstand high temperatures of 250ºC. Their best-known application is braking systems and everything related to the automotive sector.

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