Alnico discs

Alnico magnetic discs are aluminum, nickel, and cobalt magnets in a flat circular shape. Alnico discs can have various thicknesses; as the magnet gets thicker, the attraction force increases simultaneously.


Alnico discs are permanent magnets with an extreme temperature tolerance. This type of alnico magnet has an axial magnetization located on the flat faces of the disc.

Disc-shaped alnico magnets are a type of ferromagnetic material that has a high level of magnetic induction and is usually intended for outdoor use.

Standard mesures:

The measures with which we work the alnico discs, we can see them below. If a disc of another size is required, we can also manufacture them in other dimensions.

Size range A (mm) C (mm)
2,25 26,8
9 27,5



Alnico discs are highly resistant to corrosion, in other words, they have a low tendency to material wear due to chemicals. That is why we supply them uncoated.

Maximum working temperature:  

Alnico discs have high stability at high temperatures, so they can maintain their magnetic properties at 425°C. As well as the sizes, if a higher temperature is required, we can also manufacture them.

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