Alnico pot magnets with bridge: One Through Hole

This pot magnet has one hole for fixing purposes. Its purpose is to enable fixing to guides, transport lines, etc.  

The alnico container magnets with through-hole bridge have an axial magnetisation direction, i.e. the north pole, which is located in the container, is located at the top, while the south pole will be at the bottom where the iron zone is located. It is provided with a central fixing hole, with the purpose of facilitating its adaptation in guides, transport lines, etc.

This alnico base with through hole bridge offers a better fixation. These magnets stand out for their high magnetic power and are used for different applications such as traction, clamping and distribution. Depending on the dimensions of the alnico magnets with through-hole bridge, different magnet strengths can be found.


Standard Sizes:

Code A (mm) C (mm) B (mm) E (mm) D (mm) Strength (Kg) Strength (N)
BASA01286 19 19 14 8 4 4 40
BASA01290 28.5 28.5 22.5 11 5 10 100

*The strength is calculated on a 10 mm metal plate.


We have different forces of attraction depending on the size of the magnet, we will obtain one force or another. If you need a different size, we can manufacture in other dimensions.

Maximum working temperature:

Alnico container magnets with through hole bridge can be used for applications that require a temperature of 350ºC to work. If a higher temperature is required, they can be made to measure.

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