The magnetic drums for separation of iron pieces and magnetic rollers for conveyor belts are manufactured with neodymium or ferrite magnets.


Magnetic Drums: They are the most used for the protection of machines, mills, crushers... They are perfect for the separation of pieces of iron in a variety of processes.

This system is composed of two sections: a magnetic and a non-magnetic, so that it allows discharging the material that circulates above the magnetic sector. The iron particles remain in the drum falling after leaving the magnetic sector.

Magnetic Drums with Diffuser Cabinet: The diffuser cabinet converts the magnetic drum into an ideal product for falls by gravity from pipes or environments where dust is a problem.

The physiognomy of the structure means that 100% of the product has a direct impact on the magnet, achieving unbeatable results.

The two different outputs of ferric material and product avoid any leakage or mixing and end up giving the magnet a complete and automatic magnetic separation system.

Work temperature

They work with temperatures of up to 150ºC. For higher working temperatures, contact our commercial service.

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