The IMA magnetic tubes offer greater protection in their facilities, they are composed of a permanent magnet made of stainless steel, and the cleaning must be manual.


We have different types of magnetic tubes according to their uses and applications in the industrial sector:


• Magnetic tubes: they are ideal for the extraction of metal particles, such as chips, nuts, nails, staples, etc. Generally, the magnets are installed at the entrance of the raw material, as well as in the early stages of the production process. The high intensity magnetic tubes are supplied with stainless steel housing.

• Magnetic Tubes with Stainless stell body: To facilitate the cleaning of the collected contamination, the flow of the product must be temporarily stopped, or temporarily diverted from the magnet. When the flap is opened, cleaning is allowed, thus avoiding any potential danger of re-introducing contamination into the production process.

• Magnetic Tubes with External Separators:they are especially indicated for the separation of ferrous particles from powdered raw materials, because it is a system that ensures a minimum resistance to the flow of material.

Work temperature

The working temperature is 80°C and, on request, can be made to withstand higher temperatures.

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