IMA GS20 Gaussmeter

The Gaussmeter is a special instrument used for inspection and control of flux density, making it one of the most universal devices in the field of magnetic measurement.


The IMAGS20 digital Gauss meter model is controlled by a special microprocessor.

It can be used to measure the magnetic field and the flux density in DC or AC mode.

The device is lightweight and easy to carry.

It is also characterized by its wide measuring range, ease-of-use and a clear display. It includes data preservation functions such as maintaining the maximum value.

The display units (mT or G) can be changed and the measuring range can be selected from 200MT or 2000MT.

The power supply is a 9V battery. It has a life of approximately 20h.

Dimensions: 150mm (L) * 70mm (W) * 25mm (H)

Areas of use:

Readings for a material’s surface magnetic field.

Readings of the magnetic field produced by magnetic systems such as magneticfilters, magnetic switches, magnetic plates and coils, among others.

Readings of residuary magnetic fields in ferrous surfaces.

Readings of the magnetic field between iron and magnets.

Technical characteristics:

Model Digits Units Range Máx. Resolution Desviation Connection
IMA GS20 4½ LED mT
0 200 mT  2000 mT 0.01 mT
±2%, ±3 dígitos; ±5%, ±5 dígitos 9V battery or external 9V DC
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