Gaussmeter FH 55

This magnetic field strength meter FH 55 is a compact precision instrument used for measuring magnetic flux density and field strength in Gauss (G), Tesla (T) and Amps/metre (A/m). It is supplied with a protective housing and an operation manual in English.


Many Hall Probe models are available, for example probes with specially small areas to measure dot sizes, or probes with a high sensitivity level or with a sensor built-in for correcting temperature changes. The latter also allows the temperature to be shown on screen.

Technical Characteristics:

Model Dígits Units Range Max. Resolution Desviation Power Supply
VARV06001 3¾ LCD Tesla (T) 3 mT 30 mT 300 mT 3 T 1 μT ± 0.3% DC
± 2% AC
90-205 V
50-60 Hz
Gauss (G) 30 G 300 G 3 kG 30 kG 10 mG
A/m 2.4 kA/m 24 kA/m 240 kA/m 2.4 MA/m 1 A/m
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