Three-phase Servo Motor Stabilizers

Three-phase servo motor stabilizers are perfect for working in complex situations, with high powers or a multitude of variations


They are equipment manufactured with the objective of offering a stable and efficient electrical supply to different machines and installations.

These three-phase servo motor stabilizers are formed by three single-phase stabilizers, each of them controls and modifies its corresponding phase, for this reason, we have a very effective tool against network imbalances, in addition to stable voltage, a fully balanced network.

The servo motor stabilizers have a microprocessor that controls the value of the input voltage at all times, processes it and orders the correct corrections to achieve the programmed value obtaining high precision.

The system used by IMA is a reference in the world of voltage stabilization, it consists as we have mentioned a microprocessor, it gives an order to a DC motor that acts on the cursor of an autotransformer toroidal, moving left and right by varying the tension.

This voltage is applied to the primary of the Booster that adds this voltage in phase or counter phase to the network through the secondary of the same, located in series to the phase. The IMA servo motor stabilizers have a Bypass switch to guarantee the possible maintenance without give up the power supply.

They have standard or optional protections to avoid over intensities, high or low voltages that could damage the equipment. These equipment can be used to stabilize the supply voltage of any equipment that, without needing an immediate response regulation, does require precise and constant stabilization, especially those that have a marked reactive character or with large intensity points.



References M3-3 M3-6 M3-10,5 M3-15 M3-22,5 M3-30 M3-45 M3-60 M3-75 M3-100 M3-120 M3-150
Measurements(cm) 110 x 50 x 44 119 x 60 x 44 140 x 85 x 64 163 x 90 x 69
Weight (Kg) 75 90 125 135 154 181 227 330 356 456 520 600
References M3H-200 M3H-250 M3H-300 M3H-400 M3H-500 M3H-600 M3H-800 M3H-1000 M3H-1250 M3H-1600 M3H-2000 M3H-2500
Measurements(cm) (52x3) 156 x 85 x 145 (60x3) 180 x 125 x 160 (80x3) 240 x 180 x 174 (140x3) 420 x 220 x 192

(120x3) 360 x 180 x 265

Weight (Kg) 900 1200 1350 1800 2000 2800 3800 4800 5750 6750 8000 10500


Technical characteristics:

Standard input voltage correction range 275-450 VAC
Operating voltage input range >155v...490v<
Operating frequency >47...66Hz<
Input protection Low and high voltage protection (optional)
Output voltage >380v...415v < +/- 1%
Overload 10 seconds load at 200%
Correction Speed / Recovery Speed 90V/s (150-250VAC of rank)
Waveform output Pure breast
Output protection Low and high voltage protection (optional)
Output protection at low voltage 337V ON - 303V OFF
Output protection at high voltage 424V ON - 433V OFF
Cooling Natural air / Smart fan system (Thermostat) (Optional)
Measurement and Image Output and input voltage display / Amps
Continuous operating time at full load 0...105%
Continuous charging <105% <7 / 24
Low load efficiency >96%
By-Pass mecanic Manual control network / Pako 1-0-2 switch / Remote switch / On-off lock key
Protection class IP20 and differents options
Ambient operating temperature 0>-40ºC < +55ºC
Storage temperature 0>-25ºC < +60ºC
Temperature + 25ºC - Relative humidity <96%
Operating height <3000m - 3km
Protection class IP21
Acoustic level <50db (1m)


Most of the three-phase servo motor stabilizers offered by IMA are equipped with a touch screen, giving an improved user experience and showing values such as input and output voltage, intensity, frequency, power ...

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