Deep Pot Magnets

These Permanent magnets are deep and cylindrical.  The magnets are placed centrally in a steel body. Although they have many applications, they are usually used for holding and lifting.


High neodymium bases with internal thread are made of neodymium magnets, which are made of neodymium, iron and boron. This type of magnets are intended for fixing objects that have an external thread. In addition, they have a clamping system, which allows us to handle them more comfortably.

These high neodymium bases with internal thread are made of neodymium and need to be applied in semi-dry places, as they have a high coercivity and a high remanence, which can cause the magnet to rust.


Standard sizes:

Code A (mm) C (mm) M Weight (g) Strength (Kg) Strength (N)
BASN01102 17 16 M6 24.5 6 60
BASN01103 22 19 M6 50.0 12 120
BASN01104 27 25.5 M6 102.2 15 150
BASN01105 35 30 M6 204.3 28 280
BASN01106 30 35 M6 174.1 20 200
BASN01107 40 35 M6 312.6 55 550
BASN01108 50 40 M6/M8 560.8 60 600
BASN01109 60 45 M8 906.1 85 850

*The force is calculated on a 10 mm metal plate.


On request, can be supplied in any other dimension. Consult with business.

Maximum working temperature:

The standard working temperature is 80°C. For higher working temperature, please contact our sales department.

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