Special ER electromagnets

This electromagnet only has a magnetic field when it is electrically powered.

This electromagnet is used as a magnetic float and is used to separate iron sheets in automatic feeders. It can be manufactured at different voltages and with the equipment for its regulation, we have standard models and on request it can be manufactured in other dimensions.


The choice of the appropriate size of separator varies according to the following parameters:

  • Thickness.
  • Dimensions of the sheet.
  • Stack height.
  • The surface quality of the sheet.
  • The conditions of the sheet (humidity, oil, ...).

We have two different standard models, one for sheet thicknesses of less than 0.5 mm and the other for thicknesses of more than 0.5 mm.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

Standard sizes:
For sheet thickness greater than 0.5 mm

Code A (mm) B (mm) L (mm) Fixing holes
IMA 20.25.001E 105 143 100 2 of M-8
IMA 20.25.002E 105 143 200 2 of M-8
IMA 20.25.003E 105 143 300 4 of M-8
IMA 20.25.004E 105 143 400 6 of M-8

For sheet thickness greater than 0.5 mm

Code A (mm) B (mm) L (mm) Fixing holes
IMA 20.26.001E 130 170 100 2 of M-8
IMA 20.26.002E 130 170 260 4 of M-8
IMA 20.26.003E 130 170 400 6 of M-8


On request, they can be supplied in any other dimensions.

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