Magnetic filters are suitable for the separation of small iron particles. Therefore, they are specially adapted for the plastic and food industries.

As for the magnetic grids, they are used for the purification of any particle contained in dusty or granulated products, either in dry or wet. Therefore, they are specially designed and adapted for the food industry, ceramics, etc...

The grids and semi-suction filters are used in any production process where contamination by metal particles is abundant or simply a continuous cleaning is necessary.


  • Magnetic Filters:The careful selection of the dimensions of the system ensures a minimum resistance to the flow of the material. This type of magnetic filters does not consume energy, do not need auxiliary equipment and maintenance is limited only to the removal of the attracted waste.

  • Magnetic Grids:The location of this type of grids can be very diverse. They are usually located at the entrance of the hoppers, pipes or channels. Its function is to separate the ferrous metal that circulates through these systems. The careful selection of the dimensions of the system ensures a minimum resistance to material flow. They do not consume energy and are easy to clean.

  • Grids and semi-suction filters:This separation system can be installed in any process, as it may be; mills, grinders, screens and other recycling or treatment machinery. They do not consume energy and are very easy to clean. Thanks to a correct study and positioning of its magnetic bars, the cleaning is extremely simple, it is sufficient to defile the grid or filter of the drawer and clean it with a cloth or with compressed air.

Work temperature

The filters and grids that we commercialize support a working temperature of 80ºC, but on request, they can be manufactured to withstand temperatures of up to 150ºC.

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