Samarium Rings

Samarium rings have a high resistance to demagnetisation. On the other hand, thanks to the characteristics of the samarium magnet the ring is made of, it has several applications such as the manufacture of magnetic separators.


Samarium rings or also known as samarium rings are created by the latest generation of permanent magnets with a circular shape and a hole in the core of the samarium magnet. In the centre is where the magnetic field is created which will provide a high holding power.


Standard sizes:

The standard dimensions of the neodymium magnet rings are shown below. We can also supply them in other sizes.

Size range A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
6 - 98 1 - 68 1 - 20


Samarium rings offer a high corrosion tolerance, i.e. they are not prone to wear due to external factors, so they are not coated.

Maximum working temperature:

Samarium rings allow us to use them in applications that are subjected to high temperatures, more specifically, this samarium ring can be used at 300ºC. In the same way that we have seen in the section on standard sizes, in the case that a samarium ring with a higher temperature resistance is required, we can manufacture it on demand.

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