IP65 Three Phase Transformers

The IP65 Three Phase Transformers are used in installations where we need a voltage change but without any requirement regarding insulation or safety.

For three-phase IP-65 transformers, installation is recommended where a high degree of protection is required since it will be completely free of dust as well as water in any direction.

Technical characteristics:

Type Circuit Separator Transformer
Thermal class F (140ºC) / Ta=40ºC
Winding Windings impregnated with varnish Class HC 200ºC
Connection group YynO
Frequencies 50 - 60Hz
Test voltage 4.5KV between windings - 2.5KV against ground
Rules <25kVA: EN-61558 / >25kVA: EN-60076 - EN-60726 - Directiva 2006/95CEE
Others Pass-through terminals or plates - Protection against electric shocks Class I -

Tropicalized - Lifting bolts from 8kVA

Degree of protection IP-65 epoxy painted metal envelope (RAL 7032), polyamide cable glands according to UNE20324-EN60529


There are different references of the TT series of three-phase transformers IP-65.

Tablas de Transformadores Trifásicos IP-65


The IP-65 Three-Phase Transformers are used for environments with very demanding external conditions since the metal casing protects the transformer from corrosive materials, water, humidity. They are also used in environments with a high risk of explosion such as chemical industries.

The Three-Phase Transformers IP-65 are manufactured according to IEC 96-2, IEC-742, EN-60742 and the indicated data can be modified as needed, without prior notice.

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