IMA collaborates with the Art Project of the Els Pinetons-Ripollet Secondary School

The Pinetons Institute School carries out an annual Art Project in which all its pupils aged between 3 and 16 take part. In the 2023 proposal, the proposed theme is "From ME to WE".

The proposal stems from the need to build the "I" and recognise one's own identity as a key element in the relationship with others to contribute to the "WE", to be able to identify the influence that each of the pupils leaves on the community and the influence that the community leaves on each of them. A journey from the inside to the outside is expressed in 33 works and installations located throughout the School Institute's premises (buildings and exteriors), with a commitment to sustainability, as all of them have been made with reused and/or recovered materials.

IMA has taken part in the joint work: FRAGILITATS

This work was made by all the primary and secondary school pupils. In it they reflect on the construction of human nature itself, and the intrinsic fragility of it, to become a part of the community in which to share and coexist with these weaknesses. IMA has provided the reused wooden packaging as a support on which all the students' sculptures are exhibited, thus reinforcing the concept of reuse as a pedagogical tool to promote creativity and respect for the environment of future consumers.
The involvement, dedication, sensitivity, and effort invested by students and educators can be felt throughout the exhibition, and, in part, it is also shared and integrated by all the visitors who have had the opportunity to visit it. We are very grateful to be able to collaborate and disseminate such a special initiative.

All efforts add up and, if they come hand in hand with the sensitivity of the society of the future, we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with them.

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