Magnetic Separator with Rotating Magnetic Bars

This magnetic separation system has been developed to separate ferrous contaminating particles.



The separator aids the flow of such products because the magnetic bars are contained in a rotating system which thereby pushes the product towards the separator exit.

The magnetic bars are encapsulated inside tubes.  These tubes withdraw outside the unit without the bars, by means of a pneumatic operation and any ferrous contaminating particles fall freely into a collecting tray outside the unit for disposal, without the need for manual cleaning by users.


  • High magnetic strength magnetic bars, according to the requirements of the product to be filtered and type of contamination.

  • Rotating system of magnetic bars (for products which resist free-flow).

  • Squared and soldered tube withdrawal system.

  • Quick and easy cleaning due to the withdrawal of the tubes from the magnetic bars.

  • Available in all dimensions.

Any type of optional changes can be studied, according to the requirements of the customer.

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