Neodymium Discs

Neodymium discs are flat, round, rare-earth magnets that can be used for various applications requiring sensing, filtering, and lifting.

Disc-shaped neodymiums can be of various thicknesses, the thicker the magnet, the stronger the attraction force.


Neodymium magnetic discs are compact and because of the material they are made of, they are one of the strongest magnetic discs. The discs have a high remanence and a high coercivity, which is why they are the strongest magnets in use today. The magnetisation they possess is axial and is found on both sides of the neodymium disc. In addition, neodymium discs come in various neodymium qualities such as N42 and N35SH.

It is also used in industrial sectors such as aerospace and medicine. The most common sector is advanced engineering. In addition, neodymium magnets can be found in a more everyday way in furniture manufacturing.

Standard sizes:

The standard sizes we work with can be seen in the table. The dimensions of the magnet are standard, but we can manufacture them on request. However, we must take into account that it is the most powerful magnet of the group of permanent magnets, so a large size is not necessary to have a great magnetic force. Likewise, you can find all the sizes of our neodymium discs below:

Size range A (mm) C (mm)
2-60 1.5-30


The magnetic discs are made of neodymium and have a low resistance to corrosion, which requires a nickel-plated coating. This coating protects the magnet from chemicals and atmospheric conditions. Neodymium discs due to their disc shape can be used for various applications: from loudspeakers to bag closures.

Maximum working temperature:

The standard working temperature of neodymium discs is 80°C. For a higher working temperature, please contact our sales department.

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