Cylindrical Samarium Pot Magnets

These type of pot magnets are made with a small piece of iron in the centre, which gives a greater magnetic strength.  

Samarium cylindrical magnetic bases are highly resistant to demagnetisation, corrosion and adverse weather conditions. We can magnetise them axially or diametrically, depending on the needs of each customer.

Manufactured with an alignment of SmCo (Samarium and Cobalt), they have a working temperature of up to 350 ºC and different types of coatings can be applied to achieve greater protection of the magnet and its magnetic properties.


Standard Sizes:

Code A (mm) C (mm) Weigth (g) Strength (Kg) Strength (N)
BASS01449 6 20 4.5 1 10
BASS01450 8 20 8 2.5 25
BASS01443 10 20 12.5 3.5 35
BASS01444 13 20 20 8 80
BASS01445 16 20 32 12.5 125
BASS01446 20 25 60 23 230
BASS01447 25 35 135 40 400
BASS01448 32 40 250 60 600

*The force is calculated on a 10 mm metal plate.


On request, can be supplied in any other dimension. Consult with business.

Maximum working temperature:


On request, we can supply spare special Neodymium with a temperature of 150 ° C. For maximum working temperature contact our sales department.

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